The Dream

Twenty-five years ago I fell in love with collectible depression, carnival, and Vaseline glass. After marrying my second husband, Philip, my new family introduced me to the world of collecting. Each week, my sister-in-law, Mary, and I would visit garage sales, estate sales, flea market, and antique shows to hunt for treasures. The dream was for Mary and I to one day open an antique store with these items after we retired from our “real” jobs.

One of the first things we purchased were the Stangl Rooster and Hen, which were picked up at a garage sale in Yonkers. The little Italian lady who was having the sale looked like she couldn’t wait to unload the pair as they didn’t seem to fit her taste. I had a hunch about these two birds, even though at the time I couldn’t get how anyone would want to collect barnyard birds.

Unfortunately, our dream of opening a shop would never become a reality due to Mary’s untimely passing. Then, when I retired last year, I thought back to our dream saddened again by the thought. However, in realizing how e-commerce has changed how businesses sell, it dawned on me that it could happen in a different venue on eBay.

So last month, Lennice Collectibles opened as a new eBay store. EBay permits new businesses to list 150 items to prove themselves. So the Stangl Rooster and Hen were included in the first 150 items. It turned out that they were desirable to Stangl collectors as they were in a rare color and signed by a popular artist. They wound up being the top seller for our first month in business.

For me the Stangl Rooster and Hen are past, present and future. They represent fond memories of time spent with my sister-in-law, Mary; the beginning of the new venture with eBay today, and the hope of one day earning a profit.

Dedicated to Mary Butkowski Esch, 1954 – 2006

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