Month: April 2014

Lessons Learned at the Storeville Flea Market

The Stormville Antique Show and Flea Market was not as remembered; there was a little disappointed to find it was half the size as was expected. That being said, the flea market offered lots of old things to browse. Lessons learned that day included, take your time. When someone offers a good deal, it is for an undisclosed reason. Stop, think, and look for that reason. As newbies to the business we found that our online prices were certainly more competitive than what we found at vendor tables.   Additionally, vendors aren’t necessarily experts in what they sell. One woman had a piece of porcelain on her table with a sign saying, Limoges. When I picked up the piece it said, Made in Bavaria. So I said, well guess it’s not Limoges or it would be made in France. The women obviously didn’t like my comment and said, Limoges is a factory, and they were in many countries. Ok. So I double checked my knowledge of Limoges when I got home. Wikipedia states: Limoges porcelain designates hard-paste porcelain produced by factories near the city of Limoges, France beginning in the late 18th century, but does not refer to a particular manufacturer.  Go figure.